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Inuyasha And Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia

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I love this game.

Unison attack

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I have just beaten this game it is the best rpg I have ever played. The real time fighting was great. My favorite part of the game was the unison attacks, they took boss fights to a whole new level and if you're really lucky you'll find a compound unison attack where two or more characters do their attacks plus the compound unison attack. The story keeps you guessing till the very end. it took me 50 hours to beat this game. The boss fights in this game usually force you to be inventive in your tactics. Here's my best tactics: always keep a healer in your party and always make sure to keep everyone alive because its better to have 4:1 the 1:1 whenever a boss is about to do a technical attack have two or more characters slash at him to stop him and always use your best abilities and moves. my last tactic is use your items once you start losing health to keep you in a fight longer. The best part of this game are it's anime cut scenes of which there are four(including title screen). If you love playing as Lloyd heres how to do his ultimate move crescent falcon after you are equiped with the eternal Sword(secon Disc) and have the title eternal swordsman. wait until you have low health in the red then hit and hold x,b,a to unleash your special move. As far as story i don't wnt to tell you the end but if you did everything the way I did it before the final battle Kratos rejoins your party and you learn that he i Lloyds father. The ending anime scenes were spectacular and will help flesh out the end.

Character Type, Weapons, and Best Move. Below



Strike Type
Technical Type
Technical Type
Strike Type
Technical Type
Technical Type
Strike Type
Strike Type

Technical Type

Attacks with Two swords.
Can either have a Dagger or Sword
Can either have a Dagger or a Sword
Attacks with Cards
Attacks with paddle
Attacks with Staff
Attacks with an Axe
Attacks with Grieves

Attacks with Rings

Best move Crescent Falcon
Best move Lightning blade
Best move Lightning Blade
Best Move Summon Maxwell
Best Move Explosion
Best Move Cure
Best move Don't know what
Best move Healer

Best Move Judgement