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Inuyasha And Tales of Symphonia

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Episode Reviews Inuyasha
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This episode review page is currently under construction so theres probably nothing on it.

Episode 81: Vanishing Point Naraku Disapears

In this episode Inuyasha has just entered Naraku's castle right when Naraku is about to absorb Sesshomaru into his body. No matter how many times Inuyasha strikes naraku all Naraku does is put himself back together and eventually almost ends up absorbing Inuyasha but Inuyasha breaks free and so does Sesshomaru. Then they both are striking Naraku but then Naraku somehow stops regenerating. He then vanishes into thin air. Naraku then commands Kohaku to kill Rin so Inuyasha heads after Kohaku to stop him from killing Rin so that Sesshomaru won't kill Kohaku because if he does Sango will be his enemy. Sesshomaru gets there just before Inuyasha and commences choknig Kohaku and then Inuyasha convinces him to put Kohaku down. Kohaku then runs off and disappears.