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Inuyasha And Tales of Symphonia

Character Bios Inuyasha

Character Bios Inuyasha
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Inuyasha is a Half demon that was pinned up to the sacred tree by kikyo. At the time Kikyo had been in love with him but because of Naraku Kikyo thought Inuyasha had betrayed her. He stayed pinned to the tree for fifty years until Kagome awakened him. His sword the Tetsaiga has several abilities Inuyasha has mastered such as Windscar, Backlash Wave, and Red Tetsaiga.

Sesshomaru standing in front of the moon

Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's demon brother. Sesshomaru carries a grudge against Inuyasha because Inuysha is a half demon. Sesshomaru has two swords the Tensaiga and Tokigen. Tensaiga was forged from sesshomaru's father's fang and heal everything it tuches thus making it a practically useless weapon to Sesshomaru. Tokigen was forged from goshinki's fang and has a demonic aura. The sword creator Kagenbo was not able to handle it's power.

Sango and Miroku
Sango(left) Miroku(Right)

Miroku is a lechorous monk who always trying to get some action. He is outgoing and often says things without thinking first he was given his grandfather was given the cursed wind tunnel by naraku. Sango is a cool headed shy demon hunter whose entire demon slayer clan were killed by kohaku who killed them because a spider demon took over his body. She owns a cat demon called kirara that can trans form into a cat and a demon.

Kikyo is readying her bow to shoot Inuyasha

Kikyo is the priestess that was entrusted with the shikkon jewel to purify it. At one point she loved Inuyasha but when Naraku changed his physical appearance to that of inuyasha's, took the shikkon Jewel, and badly injured kikyo. Kikyo then thought that inuyasha did this and with her last ounce of energy she pinned him up to the sacred tree. She then had her body burned with the shikkon jewel so that it could never be used again.


Naraku is a half demon spawned when the thief onigumo let demons consume his body in order for him to take the Shikkon Jewel and win kikyos heart but Naraku attempted to make her hate inuyasha to taint the shikkon jewel and ended up killing her because of the wound she received but when she died she burned the jewel with her body . Now that the shards of the Jewel have been scattered all over the land he wishes to make the shards tainted with malice once again. Side note: even though hes a half demon he can choose the day that hes weak and everytime he releases all the demons within himself he improves the strong parts and gets rid of the weak. Through the shikkon jewel he can now produce incarnations.

Kagome is readying her bow to shoot the crow demon

Kagome was an average school girl until one day when by chance she stumbled upon an ancient well that leads to Feudal Japan. A demon pulled her through it. She then climbed out of it and found herself in feudal Japan. She then proceeds to see the sacred tree with inuyasha pinned up to it but when she tries to talk to him he says nothing as if he is asleep. Then she meets kaede who tels her to get away from Inuyasha, she then takes kagome to her village. Once there people keep calling her kikyo. Then by chance the demon that pulled her through the well reappears and cuts Kagome, from the wound exits the Shikkon jewel which when the demon swallows it is granted immortality. Kagome then wakes inuyasha to save her by breaking the seal on the arrow that contains inuyasha. Inuyasha saves her but tries to take the jewel but is stopped when kaede puts a rosary around his neck which when the word sit is said by kagome sends Inuyasha flying towards the ground. then an episode later the Shikkon jewel is eaten by a crow demon so kagome shoots an arrow at it but accidentally breaks the Shikkon jewel into thousands of shards.

Warning do not attempt to read if shipou is you're favorite character. If you are wondring why there is no shipou bio it is because he is gay that is why he takes a bath with Kagome and Sango. After bathing this is what shipou does =0==>>>---------- hah fag .